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Ultimatex Round Sling

Description of Ultimatex Round Sling

Ultimatex Roung Sling made from Technora specially developed aramid fiber for rope application. Lightest per capacity, and most suitable to rig ultra heavy lifting object.
It has excellent physical properties, such as high strength, low stretch, lower creep under sustaining tension than HMPE and high temperature resistance allows use under working temperature up to 350℉. Because of good bending fatigue resistance, it is also recommended to use over sheaves or flexing applications. The strength is higher than steelwire rope sling if same diameter and weighs merely 1/8 of steelwire rope sling. Light weight and flexibility enable easy use in narrow space situations.
Made up for good alternative to Steel Wire Rope Sling, convenient to handle as well. Get productivity increases.
Light weight reduces risks of back and other industrial injuries to riggers.

General structure of Ultimatex Round Sling

Features of Aramid Fiber

Maintain High-strength and High flexibility under humidity.
High thermal resistance, working temperature up to 350 ℉
Elongation at break point : 4.5%
Load Elongation : 1% below
Good resistance to organic solvent, acid and alkali.
Stability in brine and water vapor.
Excellent electrical insulation properties.

1)High strenght

It has 8 times stronger than steel and 3 times stronger than nylon or polyester.
It helps the product's weight lessen dramatically

2)Size stability with high strength

low elongation ratio and low stress relaxation modulus especially with low thermal expansion and shrinking.
No change in size below 200℃, 2% change at 400℃

3)Thermal resistance

Can be used for mamy long hours even at 200°C

4)High chemical resistance

It has good resistance to organic solvent,acid and alkali.
Stability in brine and water vapor. High resistance to hydrolysis.

Ultimatex Round Sling TABLE

Working Load Limit
(Working Load Limit)
Verlidal Choker Basket (Breaking Strength)

(WLL X 100%)

(WLL X 80%)

(WLL X 200%)

(WLL X 140%)

(WLL X 180%)
5 Ton 5,000 4,000 10,000 7,000 8,000 35,000
10 Ton 10,000 8,000 20,000 14,000 16,000 70,000
15 Ton 15,000 12,000 30,000 21,000 24,000 105,000
20 Ton 20,000 16,000 40,000 28,000 32,000 140,000
30 Ton 30,000 24,000 60,000 42,000 48,000 210,000
40 Ton 40,000 32,000 80,000 56,000 64,000 280,000
50 Ton 50,000 40,000 100,000 70,000 80,000 300,000
60 Ton 60,000 48,000 120,000 84,000 96,000 360,000
80 Ton 80,000 64,000 160,000 112,000 128,000 480,000
90 Ton 90,000 72,000 180,000 126,000 144,000 540,000
100 Ton 100,000 80,000 200,000 140,000 160,000 600,000
150 Ton 150,000 120,000 300,000 210,000 240,000 900,000
200 Ton 200,000 160,000 400,000 280,000 320,000 1,200,000

Discard Criteria

1/10(10%) damage of belt width, or 1/5(20%) of belt thickness.(abiding by KS B 6241)
Inner core is cut off through damage with the woven sleeve
Body is badly worn out.Inner core hardened.
Inner core hardened.
Damaged by high temperature or welding.
The tensile strenght is in doubtful condition when visual inspection.


Well ventilated and dry space which keeps bacteria from reproducing.
Keep away from heat and a direct ray of the sun.
Keep away from severe cold to prevent sling damage.

Calculated factor b Sling angel with products

Sling angle 90° 60° 45° 30°
Deduction factor 10,000*1.000 10,000*0.866 10,000*0.707 10,000*0.500
WLL 10,000 8,660 7,070 5,000

Comparison of Ultimatex Round Sling & Steel Wire Rope Sling

SLING Ultimatex Round Sling Steel Wire Rope Sling
Weight 8~10 times lighter than
Wire Rope Sling under same strength
Too heavy to handle and install.
Easily causes musculoskeletal system disorder
Safety 1.Flexible - Good flexibility
2.Fixes the products tightly
3.Excellent safety at work
4.Gives little damage by friction with products
5.Less chance of injure at work. Prevent
musculoskeletal system disorder
1.Solid - Poor flexibility
2.Easy to let the products slip away
3.Lowsafety at work
4.Easily give damages to lifting object by friction
5.Easy to get musculoskeletal system disorder
Durability 1.Good resistance to chemicals.
2.Allowed to use up to 350℉
erodible by acid and alkali
Economic efficiency 1.Lighter weight, easy to install
2.High working efficiency
3.Reduces working hours
4.More cost-effective
1.Heavy wire
2.Low working efficiency
3.Takes long time to install
4.Costs more to manage
Storaage Easy storage due to light weight and high flexibility Needs a lot more space to store due to rigidity
Specs 60 Ton x 10m 60 Ton x 10m
Construction Endless Type 6 X 37 FC. Galv'
Safety factor 6:1
Breaking strength 360 Ton
369 Ton
Weight 38kg 391kg
Thickness 55¢ 80¢