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Description of polyester Round Sling

Polyester Round Sling use highly products tubular hyeongtaebyeol applied to the polyester yarn fabric was committed to the strength and efficiency, good variety of products, especially transportation, salvaging the Chalk forms the most useful products, such as the Sling products tenacity The prize of the city heralding the input fiber to be available to replace the Steel Wire Rope Sling is used in industry.
Easy handling and excellent salvage force is easy to use.
Korea Industrial Safety S-MARK SAFE certified only the domestic arms exporters in the Americas is a round sling.


Many in the tube of high tensile polyester silgadakyi are rotated to maximize available traction
Synthetic blood, the internal protection protects thread
Meaning the weight of the tube color - Excellent tensile strength than the wepseulring
Easy to handle and use simple

Polyester Round Sing Table

Polyester Round Sing colors used in accordance with safe loads

Polyester Round Sing Table

Working Load Limit
(Working Load Limit)
COLOR Verlidal Choker Basket

(WLL X 100%)

(WLL X 80%)

(WLL X 140%)

(WLL X 100%)

(WLL X 200%)
1 Ton Violet 1,000 8,00 1,400 1,000 2,000
2 Ton Green 2,000 1,600 2,800 2,000 4,000
3 Ton Yellow 3,000 2,400 4,200 3,000 6,000
4 Ton Grey 4,000 3,200 5,600 4,000 8,000
5 Ton Red 5,000 4,000 7,000 5,000 10,000
8 Ton Blue 8,000 6,400 11,200 8,000 16,000
10 Ton Orange 10,000 8,000 14,000 10,000 20,000